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2909, 2016

Domestic Abuse and Firearms: What Are Your Rights?

By |September 29, 2016|Rights & Amendments|

In our country, the Second Amendment provides for the rights of the citizens to bear arms.  This right to possess weapons is cherished by many and, in some people’s opinions, is one of the aspects of freedom that makes our nation great.  However, we all know that the right to carry firearms comes with a heavy responsibility.  Although we have a right to bear arms, that right can be restricted if we make certain bad [...]

2106, 2016

Do Authorities Need a Warrant to Obtain Mobile Phone Location Data?

By |June 21, 2016|Uncategorized|

As we discussed in last month’s post, the evolution of cell phone technology has presented numerous challenges to our law enforcement and court systems recently. Many laws that were made or amended before this explosion of technology are being closely looked at again, and it seems that almost everyone is scrambling to make changes to account for the detailed information that can now be rather easily obtained. While last month we looked at authority rights [...]

905, 2016

What are the Limits for Police when it Comes to Searching Your Cell Phone?

By |May 9, 2016|Uncategorized|

The digital age is evolving faster than our laws can keep up. In no area is this more relevant than in legal cases involving cell phones. Cell phones, especially smartphones that not only store data but also connect to remote data stored in the ‘cloud’, are virtual treasure troves of information. Think for a moment about what you have stored on your own phone such as pictures, videos, contact information, files, and more. At no [...]